Rwenzori Royal Institute in Kasese, Uganda, is a school of higher eduction. It offers studies in eco-tourism and has a teaching kitchen. Deforestation is a big problem and very evident in the region. The institute wants to showcase modern and sustainable ways of cooking to it's students and the public.

Together with Solare Zukunft e.V., Solare Brücke e.V. and Jürgen Körner from SES, Simply Solar has added two Solar Cookers to the teaching kitchen of the Rwenzori Royal Institute: a 2.5m² Scheffler Reflector and Simply Solar's photovoltaic Solar cooker. The action was funded by Schmitz Stiftungen. Simply Solar's expert on site, Adrian Konrad, involved the teachers into the assembly and installation of both solar cookers.

solar cooking with PV

Simply Solar PV Cooker

installing 2.5m Scheffler Reflector

installed 2.5m Scheffler Reflector

cooking with 2.5m Scheffler reflector

kitchen during construction

solar cooked foodi

Rwenzori Royal Institute is planning to offer a new course on renewable energies. Practical experience for example with the construction of solar cookers will be an important part of the course.
For the teaching kitchen the next step is to install a 10m² Scheffler Reflector integrated into the building. Hopefully the pandemic situation will allow to involve the students this time!