Low pressure steam for Sanivation's fecal treatment plant at Sanctuary Farm in Naivasha, Kenya, is generated by 2 Scheffler Reflectors (10m² each) and one 15kW Biomass burner. These three steam generators are integrated into one closed-loop steam circuit which heats the treatment conveyor-screw. Each steam generator can be used as single source of steam or combined with the others. This makes it possible to use the solar set-up during all sunny days and to support with biomass in case of a weather change. When a necessity for night-time operation arrises, then the biomass burner allone can heat the treatment system, using the biomass fuel Sanivation produces. All steam is recycled, so that water consumpotion is minimized and water treatment is avoided. For make-up water rainwater collected from the roofs is used.
Simply Solar installed and commissioned the steam installation in 2018.

Sanivation has been treating between 1-10 tons/month of fecal sludge using this system. With the treated sludge about 300 tons of charcoal were produced in 2019.

Video on Sanivation's work


Sanivation site Sancturay Farm
2 Scheffler Reflectors of 10m² each generate low pressure steam for thermal treatment

biomass burner
installation of 15kW biomass based steam generator

Sanivation site Sancturay Farm hopper
inspection of treatment machinery by Sanivation staff

Sanivation site Sancturay Farm instructions 1

instructions for use and maintenance at the outlet hopper of the thermal treatment

Sanivation site Sancturay Farm instructions 2