Our project partner Dreyer Foundation works primarily in the region of Dano,Burkina Faso, where the fundation is present with numerouse projects since many years. An important project is the promotion of  agriculture in the region. A focal point is the cultivaltion of rice. The holistic approach includes all parts of the value chain. The rice mill of the foundation was equipped with a solar field comprising of 20 Scheffler Reflectors of 16m² each. The reflectors produce steam for parboiling. The reflectors and the steam system were locally manufactured and showed a number of deficits which made it impossible to use the installation to its capacity. Simply Solar analysed the installation on site in 2016, compiled the necessary points of action and trained the foundations staff to make the required changes and to renovate the reflectors. 


Rizerie Solaire

parboiled solar rice

solar field Dano

Scheffler Reflectors Dano

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