Castor Products Company is a medium size oil mill in Gujarat, the industrial belt of India.
Organic seeds from castor, neem, peanut and sesame are pressed and exported worldwide. The organic line was developed together with Wala/Naturamus, from Germany.
The organic seeds are produced by small rain-dependent farmers of Kutch. Based on the dedication of Nanalal Satra, the founder/director of the company, Castor Oil Company is supporting organic agriculture and the development of organic products in Kutch. As part of the commitment the directors are supporting the small organic producers with programs that help to increase their quality of live. Family size solar cookers (Scheffler Reflectors) were identified as a suitable energy source for cooking in the farmer-families.

As a first step, in order to further experiment the suitability of the technology, the canteen of the company was to be equipped with Scheffler Reflectors. This allows to gain maximum experience with the technology before it is disseminated to others.
4 reflectors of 2.7m² each are now installed in the canteen to cater for around 35 workers.
With the support of Naturamus GmbH and Solare Brücke e.V. a technology transfer training took place in Nov./Dec. 2014.
A team of 9 oil-mill workers, headed by the technical director of the company, has learned all details of the manufacture, installation and maintenance of the reflectors.
A new kitchen building, equipped with 4 Scheffler Reflectors was constructed to allow indoor cooking with solar energy.

 tea on 2.7m² scheffler reflector


 2.7m² at Castor Oil Products GandhidhamKutch

tea is prepared...



 2.7m² at Castor Oil Products gandhidham Kutch


 2.7m² at Castor Oil Products Kutch

 almost completed solar-kitchen building...



 solar tunnel dryer


 solar tunnel dryer test

2 solar tunnel dryers of 2x1m were built during the training on Scheffler Reflectors. They are equipped with

forced air ventilation, powered by a solar panel.


Tests were conducted with different seasonal fruits, like papaya, guava and Chiku. The dried fruits are very tasty!




 with the support of:





 solare bruecke