Simply Solar's directors have been advising India One since the project idea was conceived in 2007.
The power plant is designed to deliver 1MW electricity day and night for the Brahma Kumari Ashram "Shantivan" in Abu Road, Rajasthan.
770 Scheffler Reflectors of 60m² size were manufactured on site with our guidance.
Our storage solution allows 24 hour solar operation, with a steam generation of 8 tons per hour.
Our fully automated tracking solution autonomously controls the shape and position of each mirror and can be monitored from a control room.
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Installations are almost completed in 2015:

India One complete field 

The control room, with tracking on screen:

control room 1 control room 2


Our Tracking device "Imatrack Power"

Imatrack Power

Decentralized storage & steam generation:
each reflector has it's own iron storage cum steam generator unit

storagesteam generator


Impressions from the construction site:

P1010746  P1010768

P1010776  P1010976

P1010770  P1020048