Our project partner Dreyer Foundation works primarily in the region of Dano,Burkina Faso, where the fundation is present with numerouse projects since many years. An important project is the promotion of  agriculture in the region. A focal point is the cultivaltion of rice. The holistic approach includes all parts of the value chain. The rice mill of the foundation was equipped with a solar field comprising of 20 Scheffler Reflectors of 16m² each, providing 79kW of thermal energy in the processing vessels under prevailing solar conditions. The reflectors produce steam for parboiling.

In 2018 Simply Solar installed and commisioned a 60kWp PV-Power-Plant with battery to cover a great part of the electric energy demand of the rice mill and the foundation's campus with solar ernergy. The systemincludes an innovative, highly efficient LIFePO4 battery especially adapted to tropical conditions. It comprises 103kWh of storage capacity with 15 year performance guarantee.
In case of low battery and unavailable solar radiation the public grid and a diesel generator serve as back-up.
Due to reliably high levels of solar radiation at the site, the system is able to supply 75% of the current energy demanand all year round.


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