This automatic tracker for Scheffler Reflectors of 10m² and 16m² size provides a comfortable solution for daily tracking of the primary reflector. It rotates the polar mounted axis of the dish and makes sure the focal point remains in the exact position throughout the day. In the evening the dish is reversed automatically to morning position.
The tracker comes with power supply, sensor, motor, gears and clutch system, ready for mounting.
Specifications for required mounting structures are provided by Simply Solar with the tracker (design for mount to attach sensor to reflector and PV-panel to stand of reflector).


A mechanical clutch allows the user to rotate the reflector by hand without damaging the motor.

Sensor based tracking

A sensor detects the position of the sun and gives signals to the motor to rotate the reflector.The reflector starts to track automatically each the morning, as soon as direct sunlight hits the sensor.
Tracking operates when the sun shines. When there is no sun, then no tracking is required.

Automatic reverse function

In the afternoon he reflector hits a switch and reverses into the (east-facing) morning position where it will wait until the sun is in the east again(next morning).
The time in the afternoon when the reflector shall start turning back into its morning position can be set by moving the stopper for the revers switch.


10W Photovoltaic Panel

Motor and gears

The motor and gears provide a sturdy slow movement of the reflector. The speed of the motor allows it to catch up with the position of the sun in case the sun comes out after a longer period of clouds during that day.
Motor and gears are covered against rain.


The electronic control is housed in an IP65 case to protect it against water and dust.

Full Tracker