We design and manufacture solar distillation units for the production of essential oils.
The units are designed as per the customers energetic and process requirements. Depending on the climate of the location we apply different technologies for steam generation: Scheffler Reflector or Photovoltaics. Optionally an optimized biomass burner can be combined with the solar energy supply to provide steam at night or during peak season.
For large requirements Scheffler Reflectors or PV Arrays can provide steam to conventional extraction units. The solar steam supply is simply hooked to the existing arrangement. Nevertheless it always makes sense to analyse if it is possible to save energy by optimizing the existing distillation arrangement.

Project Examples: University of Faisalabad, CNEREE Marakesh, 2Mains Comoros


complete solar distillation systemseparation of essential oil

Example: Solar essential oil extraction unit for steam and hydro distillation at the Agricultural University of Faisalabad.This distillation unit has a batch volume of 100 Liters. It can be combined with 10m² and 16m² Scheffler Reflectors.Optional: biomass or gas back-up.