• all parts from aluminum - no rusting, outside always
  • specially developed for northern countries (above latitude 30°)
  • automatically tracking the sun in its daily movement across the sky, with a PV-driven sensor based electronic tracking device. It starts on its own.

    - simply cook!

  • seasonal tracking is done manually every few days - it only takes 30sec to adjust
  • highly reflective surface from solar grade aluminum - for high power output
  • cooking power like your gas stove
  • for outdoor installation
  • comes with installation manual
  • can be integrated into a building
  • with baking oven on request
2 sqm Scheffler Reflector packed Get your 2m² Scheffler Reflector shipped to you, anywhere in the world. It comes in form of a kit, with just a few mayor components to be assembeld by you.
A CD with instructions for assembly, use and maintenance is included.
Price without shipment: 2000,- €
2_sqm_integrated Optionally you can integrate the 2m² Scheffler Reflector into your home, for indoor cooking.