Our aim at Simply Solar is to provide high quality consulting, training and R&D services in the field of appropriate solar technologies. Simply Solar develops custom solutions for processing industries. One of Simply Solar’s specialities is local manufacturing - anywhere in the world - because we believe in sharing knowledge and creating local jobs. Simply Solar’s team has been working together for decades. Based on Wolfgang Scheffler's ongoing R&D a core technology is Scheffler Reflectors and their applications. All four directors of Simply Solar have many years of experience in solar technologies + backup, around the globe.
Our technical solutions combine different technologies for best performance, catering to the customers requirement under actual site conditions.



Simply Solar Team


Dr.hc.Dipl.Phys. Wolfgang Scheffler, inventor of the flexible parabolic fix focus reflectors - called Scheffler Reflectors, director of Simply Solar.


Heike Hoedt, CAD designer, initiator and director of Simply Solar


Dr. Ing. Hans Christoph Müller, director of Simply Solar

Dipl. Umweltnat. Adrian Konrad, director of Simply Solar